Conversation Insurance
Community Standards

The Conversation Insurance Community Standards outline
what is and is not allowed on Conversation Insurance.


Every day, Conversation Insurance serves as a dynamic platform where individuals share their journeys, connect with peers, and foster vibrant communities. It's a digital space empowering users to express themselves freely across the insurance industry and in diverse countries and cultures, in a multitude of languages.

At Conversation Insurance, we understand the significance of creating an environment where users feel inspired to communicate openly. We are deeply committed to preventing abuse and maintaining a safe, respectful space. Our dedication has driven us to establish clear standards governing acceptable content on Conversation Insurance.

These standards are shaped by input from our community and guidance from specialists in industry, technology, public safety, and human rights. In valuing every voice, we meticulously craft our policies to reflect a broad spectrum of perspectives and beliefs, with a keen focus on amplifying voices and providing and creating a safe space for deeper conversation.

Our Commitment to Conversation

At Evolution Global, our commitment to fostering meaningful conversation stands at the core of our Community Standards. Our mission is to craft a platform that not only encourages expression but also empowers individuals to have their voices heard. We champion the open discussion of topics that resonate deeply with our users, whether articulated through written comments, photographs, music, or other forms of artistic expression. We recognize the value of diverse viewpoints and the importance of dialogue around issues that matter, even in the face of disagreement. However, in our pursuit to maintain a respectful and constructive environment, we are vigilant against content that undermines the spirit of dialogue. Should content employ ambiguous or implicit language, we may intervene and remove such material if additional context enables us to ascertain that it contravenes our standards. This approach underlines our dedication to preserving a space where conversation flourishes, free from elements that detract from our collective discourse.

Our commitment to fostering meaningful conversations is unwavering, yet we are acutely aware of the challenges the internet poses, including increased opportunities for abuse. Thus, when we find it necessary to limit expression, it is always with the aim of upholding one or more of the following core values:

At Conversation Insurance, we prioritize the authenticity of content. We believe that genuine interactions create a richer, more engaging environment for sharing. It's essential that users represent themselves and their intentions truthfully, as authenticity fosters trust and credibility within our community.
Protecting the privacy of our users and their information is a cornerstone of Conversation Insurance. Privacy empowers individuals to be their authentic selves, decide how and when to share, and facilitates easier connections. We also safeguard third-party privacy and information, ensuring that no content or statements infringe upon confidential information or documents.
Ensuring the safety of Conversation Insurance is paramount. We actively remove content that poses a risk to the physical security of individuals. Threatening content, which can intimidate, exclude, or silence others, has no place on our platform. Our commitment is to create an environment where everyone feels secure to express themselves freely.
We stand for mutual respect and dignity for all individuals. It is our expectation that users will treat each other with the respect they deserve and refrain from harassing or degrading others. Respect is the foundation of positive interactions and community building on Conversation Insurance.