Dangerous Organizations & Individuals

Policy Rationale

To ensure our platforms remain safe and do not contribute to real-world harm, we strictly prohibit the presence of organizations or individuals that declare a violent mission or engage in violent activities. Our assessment extends to both online and offline behavior, particularly focusing on connections to violence. We categorize these entities into two tiers based on the severity of their actions and their direct links to offline harm, guiding our content enforcement levels.

Tier 1 targets those with significant involvement in severe offline harms. This includes, but is not limited to, violence against civilians, advocacy for harm based on protected characteristics, and participation in organized crime. Recognized groups within this tier encompass hate organizations, criminal syndicates recognized as Specially Designated Narcotics Trafficking Kingpins (SDNTKs), and terrorist entities identified by the U.S. government as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) or Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs). We strictly remove any content that glorifies, supports, or represents these entities, including vague references to their leaders, founders, or notable members.

Additionally, we remove content that celebrates, endorses, or depicts events designated as violent, such as terrorist attacks, hate crimes, and other mass violence incidents. This policy also applies to content promoting ideologies that advocate hate, including Nazism and white supremacy, ensuring no unclear references to these ideologies or events remain on our platforms.

Tier 2 encompasses Violent Non-State Actors involved in conflicts against state or military forces without intentionally targeting civilians, and Violence Inducing Entities that may promote future violence without direct engagement in violent acts. This tier also includes entities with repeated violations of our Hate Speech or Dangerous Organizations and Individuals policies. Content glorifying, offering material support, or representing these entities and their prominent figures is removed.

We understand the importance of allowing discourse around these subjects for social and political engagement as they relate to the insurance industry and in conversations. Thus, content that reports on, discusses neutrally, or condemns these dangerous organizations and individuals is permissible, provided the intent is clear and does not support or glorify violence. This includes news reporting, neutral discussion, and explicit condemnation of these entities and their actions.

Our policies are designed to allow room for these types of discussions while simultaneously limiting risks of potential offline harm. We thus require people to clearly indicate their intent when creating or sharing such content. If a user's intention is ambiguous or unclear, we default to removing content.

Our policies are aligned with international human rights law, allowing discussions on the human rights of individuals associated with these designated entities, barring any content that otherwise violates our standards. This framework reflects our commitment to human rights and our dedication to preventing the amplification of entities that pose a risk to safety and peace.

We Remove:

To ensure our platform remains a safe space, free from the promotion of violence and hate, we adhere to strict guidelines regarding the content related to dangerous organizations and individuals. Our policies are designed to prevent the glorification, support, and representation of entities that pose a threat to safety and peace. Below, we outline what content is removed under these guidelines, providing clarity through specific examples.

Glorification: We remove content that:

• Justifies violent or hateful acts of a designated entity as morally, politically, logically acceptable or reasonable.

o E.g., "Hitler did nothing wrong."

• Celebrates the violence or hate of a designated entity as an achievement.

o E.g., “Hizbul Mujahideen is winning the war for a free and independent Kashmir.”

• Expresses a desire to become a member or participate in the actions of a designated entity.

o E.g., “I wish I could join ISIS and be part of the Khilafah.”

Support: We remove content that offers:

• Material Support: Actions that improve a designated entity's financial status, provide material aid, or assist in recruitment.

o E.g., “Donate to the KKK!”

o E.g., “If you want to send care packages to the Sinaloa Cartel, use this address.”

o E.g., “If you want to fight for the Caliphate, DM me.”

• Other Support: Sharing information or resources on behalf of a designated entity without clear condemnation, neutral discussion, or as part of news reporting.

o E.g., Direct quotes from a designated entity without a condemning caption.

o E.g., "Contact the KKK – (XXX) XXX-XXXX."

Representation: We remove content that:

• Claims membership in or affiliation with a designated entity.

o E.g., “I am a grand dragon of the KKK.”

• Involves creating or managing Pages, Profiles, Events, Groups, or other platform entities that claim to represent or are associated with a Designated Entity.

o E.g., A Page named “American Nazi Party.”

Our approach allows for the sharing of content that reports on, discusses neutrally, or condemns these dangerous organizations and individuals, ensuring clarity of intent is key to distinguishing permissible discourse from prohibited content. This framework underscores our commitment to maintaining a platform where users can engage in meaningful conversations without fear of encountering or inadvertently promoting violence and hate.

Types and Tiers of Dangerous Organizations

Tier 1: Terrorism, organized hate, large-scale criminal activity, attempted multiple-victim violence, multiple victim violence, serial murders, and violating violent events

We do not allow individuals or organizations involved in organized crime, including those designated by the United States government as specially designated narcotics trafficking kingpins (SDNTKs); hate; or terrorism, including entities designated by the United States government as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) or Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs), to have a presence on the platform. We also don't allow other people to represent these entities. We do not allow leaders or prominent members of these organizations to have a presence on the platform, symbols that represent them to be used on the platform, or content that glorifies them or their acts, including unclear references to them. In addition, we remove any support for these individuals and organizations.

We do not allow content that glorifies, supports, or represents events that Evolution Global designates as terrorist attacks, hate events, multiple-victim violence or attempted multiple-victim violence, serial murders, hate crimes or violating violent events. Nor do we allow (1) content that glorifies, supports, or represents the perpetrator(s) of such attacks; (2) perpetrator-generated content relating to such attacks; or (3) third-party imagery depicting the moment of such attacks on visible victims.

We also do not allow Glorification, Support, or Representation of designated hateful ideologies, as well as unclear references to them.

Terrorist organizations and individuals, are defined as a non-state actor that:

• Engages in, advocates, or lends substantial support to purposive and planned acts of violence,

• Which causes or attempts to cause death, injury or serious harm to civilians, or any other person not taking direct part in the hostilities in a situation of armed conflict, and/or significant damage to property linked to death, serious injury or serious harm to civilians

• With the intent to coerce, intimidate and/or influence a civilian population, government, or international organization

• In order to achieve a political, religious, or ideological aim.

Hate Entity, is defined as an organization or individual that spreads and encourages hate against others based on their protected characteristics. The entity’s activities are characterized by at least some of the following behaviors:

• Violence, threatening rhetoric, or dangerous forms of harassment targeting people based on their protected characteristics;

• Repeated use of hate speech;

• Representation of Hate Ideologies or other designated Hate Entities, and/or

• Glorification or Support of other designated Hate Entities or Hate Ideologies.

Criminal Organizations, are defined as an association of three or more people that:

• is united under a name, color(s), hand gesture(s) or recognized indicia; and

• has engaged in or threatens to engage in criminal activity such as homicide, drug trafficking, or kidnapping.

Multiple-Victim Violence and Serial Murders

• We consider an event to be multiple-victim violence or attempted multiple-victim violence if it results in three or more casualties in one incident, defined as deaths or serious injuries. Any Individual who has committed such an attack is considered to be a perpetrator or an attempted perpetrator of multiple-victim violence.

• We consider any individual who has committed two or more murders over multiple incidents or locations a serial murderer.

Hateful Ideologies

• While our designations of organizations and individuals focus on behavior, we also recognize that there are certain ideologies and beliefs that are inherently tied to violence and attempts to organize people around calls for violence or exclusion of others based on their protected characteristics. In these cases, we designate the ideology itself and remove content that supports this ideology from our platform. These ideologies include:

o Nazism

o White Supremacy

o White Nationalism

o White Separatism

o Antisemitism

• We remove explicit Glorification, Support, and Representation of these ideologies, and remove individuals and organizations that ascribe to one or more of these hateful ideologies.

Tier 2: Violent Non-State Actors and Violence Inducing Entities

Organizations and individuals designated by Evolution Global as Violent Non-state Actors or Violence Inducing Entities are not allowed to have a presence on Facebook, or have a presence maintained by others on their behalf. As these communities are actively engaged in violence, against state or military actors in armed conflicts (Violent Non-State Actors) or are preparing or advocating or creating conditions for future violence (Violence Inducing Entities), material support of these entities is not allowed. We will also remove glorification of these entities.

Violent Non-State Actors, are defined as any non-state actor that:

• Engages in a pattern of purposive and planned acts of high-severity violence targeting government, military or other armed groups taking direct part in the hostilities in a situation of armed conflict, and does not intentionally and explicitly target civilians with high-severity violence; AND/OR

• Deprives communities of access to critical infrastructure or natural resources; AND/OR

• Engages in a pattern of attacks intended to bring significant damage to infrastructure that is not linked to death, serious injury or serious harm to civilians.

Violence Inducing Entities are defined as follows:

A Violence Inducing Entity (General) is a non-state actor that:

• Uses weapons as a part of their training, communication, or presence; and are structured or operate as unofficial military or security forces; AND

• Coordinates in preparation for inter-community violence or civil war; OR

• Advocates for violence against government officials or violent disruptions of civic events; OR

• Engages in theft, vandalism, burglary or other damage to property; OR

• Engages in mid-severity violence at civic events; OR

• Promotes bringing weapons to a location when the stated intent is to intimidate people amid a protest

A Violence Inducing Conspiracy Network is a non-state actor that:

• Is identified by a name, mission statement, symbol, or shared lexicon; AND

• Promotes unfounded theories that attempts to explain the ultimate causes of significant social and political problems, events and circumstances with claims of secret plots by two or more powerful actors; AND

• Has explicitly advocated for or has been directly linked to a pattern of offline physical harm by adherents motivated by the desire to draw attention to or redress the supposed harms identified in the unfounded theories promoted by the network.

A Hate Banned Entity is a non-state actor that:

• Engages in repeated hateful conduct or rhetoric, but does not rise to the level of a Tier 1 entity because they have not engaged in or explicitly advocated for violence, or because they lack sufficient connections to previously designated organizations or figures.

For the following Community Standards, we require additional information and/or context to enforce:

In certain cases, we will allow content that may otherwise violate the Community Standards when it is determined that the content is satirical. Content will only be allowed if the violating elements of the content are being satirized or attributed to something or someone else in order to mock or criticize them.