Violent and Graphic Content

Policy Rationale:

At Evolution Global, Inc., our paramount concern is the well-being and safety of our users. In line with this commitment, we enforce rigorous moderation guidelines concerning violence and graphic content to shield our community from exposure to distressing imagery. Our policy mandates the removal of content that graphically depicts violence or contains images of an exceptionally graphic nature, including but not limited to videos or images showcasing dismemberment, exposed internal organs, or severely burnt bodies. Similarly, we prohibit content featuring sadistic commentary on images depicting the suffering of both humans and animals.

However, we recognize the significance of open dialogue on critical global issues, such as human rights violations, armed conflicts, and terrorist activities. To facilitate informed discussions and awareness on these subjects, we may permit the sharing of graphic content under certain conditions. This allowance is made with the understanding that such content plays a crucial role in condemning and highlighting these pressing issues, fostering a more informed and engaged community.

Acknowledging the varied sensitivities of our users towards graphic and violent content, we implement measures to preemptively inform users of potentially disturbing imagery. Specifically, we attach warning labels to such content, ensuring users can make an informed choice about engaging with these images or videos. This approach balances the need for awareness and dialogue on critical issues with the necessity of protecting individuals from unintended exposure to graphic violence.

Evolution Global, Inc. remains dedicated to maintaining a respectful and safe online environment, implementing these guidelines to navigate the complex landscape of content moderation effectively. Our policies are crafted to respect the diverse perspectives and sensitivities of our global community while upholding our unwavering commitment to user safety and well-being.

Do not post:

Imagery of people

Videos of people or dead bodies in non-medical settings if they depict

• Dismemberment.

• Visible internal organs; partially decomposed bodies.

• Charred or burning people unless in the context of cremation or self-immolation when that action is a form of political speech or newsworthy.

• Victims of cannibalism.

• Throat-slitting.

•         Live streams of capital punishment of a person

Sadistic Remarks

• Sadistic remarks towards imagery that is put behind a warning screen under this policy advising people that the content may be disturbing, unless there is a self-defense context or medical setting.

• Sadistic remarks towards the following content which includes a label so that people are aware it may be sensitive:

o Imagery of one or more persons subjected to violence and/or humiliating acts by one or more uniformed personnel doing a police function.

o Imagery of fetuses and babies outside of the womb that are deceased.

o Explicit sadistic remarks towards the suffering of animals depicted in the imagery.

• Offering or soliciting imagery that is deleted or put behind a warning screen under this policy, when accompanied by sadistic remarks.

For the following Community Standards, we require additional information and/or context to enforce:

We remove:

• Videos and photos that show the violent death of someone when a family member requests its removal.

• Videos of violent death of humans where the violent death is not visible in the video but the audio is fully or partially captured and the death is confirmed by either a law enforcement record, death certificate, Trusted Partner report or media report.