Human Exploitation

Policy Rationale:


In our commitment to safeguarding human rights and dignity, Evolution Global enforces stringent policies against the facilitation and coordination of human exploitation, explicitly including human trafficking. Human trafficking, legally recognized as the act of depriving an individual of their liberty for profit, encompasses the exploitation of humans for the purposes of forced labor, commercial sex, or other non-consensual activities. It operates on the mechanisms of deception, force, and coercion, stripping individuals of their autonomy for the economic or material gain of others.


Human trafficking is an intricate and global issue that transcends age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender, and geographical boundaries. It manifests in various forms and can evolve through different stages, making its identification and eradication complex. Given its coercive nature, it is imperative to acknowledge that victims of such exploitation are unable to give informed consent.


It is crucial to differentiate human trafficking from smuggling, although both can intersect and share characteristics. According to the United Nations, human smuggling specifically involves the illegal procurement or facilitation of a person’s entry into a state across international borders, not necessarily involving coercion or force. While smuggling constitutes a crime against a state emphasizing movement, trafficking constitutes a severe crime against an individual emphasizing exploitation.


Evolution Global actively removes any content that facilitates or promotes these grave violations. However, we recognize the importance of dialogue and awareness-raising around these issues. Therefore, content that condemns, aims to increase awareness, or reports news related to human trafficking and smuggling is permitted. We also support content that provides information on personal safety, border crossing, seeking asylum, or safely exiting a country, as part of our dedication to human rights and the provision of critical information for those in vulnerable situations.


This policy framework is constructed with the dual aim of disrupting and preventing the cycle of exploitation while fostering informed and supportive community engagement on matters of human trafficking and smuggling. Through these guidelines, we affirm our unwavering commitment to combatting human exploitation and protecting the most vulnerable among us.


Do not post:


Content that recruits people for, facilitates or exploits people through any of the following forms of human trafficking:


·       Sex trafficking (any commercial sexual activity with a minor or any commercial sexual activity with an adult involving force, fraud, or coercion)

·       Sales of children or illegal adoption

·       Orphanage trafficking and orphanage volun-tourism

·       Forced marriages

·       Labor exploitation (including bonded labor)

·       Domestic servitude

·       Non-regenerative organ trafficking not including organ removal, donation, or transplant in a non-exploitative organ donation context

·       Forced criminal activity (e.g. forced begging, forced drug trafficking)

·       Recruitment of child soldiers


Content where a third-party actor recruits for, facilitates or benefits from (financially or otherwise) commercial sexual activity


Content that offers to provide or facilitate human smuggling


Content that asks for human smuggling services


We allow content that is otherwise covered by this policy when posted in condemnation, educational, awareness raising, or news reporting contexts.