Account Integrity and Authentic Identity

Policy Rationale:

At Evolution Global, Inc., we uphold authenticity as the foundation of our community's integrity. Our commitment to fostering a trustworthy and accountable environment hinge on the genuine representation of identity by our users. Authenticity not only bolsters accountability among users but also enriches the community experience, enabling meaningful interactions and engagement. In alignment with these principles, we mandate that individuals use their real names—the names they are known by in their daily lives—when creating an account on our platforms. This policy is instrumental in preventing impersonation, identity misrepresentation, and ensuring that our community remains a space where users can confidently engage with one another.

To safeguard this environment and encourage free expression, we actively remove accounts that detract from community safety or compromise the security of other accounts and our services. Our robust system, comprising both automated technologies and manual review processes, is designed to identify and eliminate accounts engaged in persistent or egregious violations of our Community Standards.

Recognizing the gravity of account removal, we strive to educate our community about our guidelines, offering opportunities for users to familiarize themselves with our rules and adhere to our Community Standards. Our approach to enforcement is calibrated to match the severity of the violation and the potential risk it poses to the community. Penalties, including the disabling of accounts, are applied in a manner proportionate to the nature of the violation, with an emphasis on educating users to prevent future infractions.

However, in instances where repeated warnings and restrictions are disregarded, or where violations present a significant safety threat, we may disable an account to protect the community. Such measures underscore our dedication to maintaining a secure and authentic platform.

Evolution Global, Inc. is committed to these principles, ensuring our platforms remain places where users can trust in the authenticity of others and feel secure in their interactions. Through these guidelines, we aim to cultivate a community characterized by genuine representation and mutual respect, reinforcing the importance of authenticity in every facet of our online ecosystem.

We do not allow the use of our services and will restrict or disable accounts or other entities (such as pages, groups, and events) if you:

• Severely violate our Community Standards.

• Persistently violate our Community Standards.

• Coordinate as part of a network of accounts or other entities in order to violate or evade our Community Standards.

• Represent Dangerous Individuals or Organizations.

• Create or use an account that demonstrates an intent to violate our Community Standards.

• Create or use an account by scripted or other inauthentic means.

• Create or repurpose an account or entity to evade a previous removal, including those assessed to have common ownership and content as previously removed accounts or entities.

• Create or use an account that deliberately misrepresents your identity in order to mislead or deceive others, or to evade enforcement or violate our other Community Standards. We consider a number of factors when assessing misleading identity misrepresentation, such as:

• Repeated or significant changes to identity details, such as name or age

• Misleading profile information, such as bio details and profile location

• Using stock imagery or stolen photos

• Other related account activity

• Impersonate others by:

• Using their photos with the explicit aim to deceive others.

• Creating an account assuming to be or speak for another person or entity.

• Creating a Page assuming to be or speak for another person or entity for whom the user is not authorized to do so.

• Are under 13 years old.

• Are a convicted sex offender.

• Are prohibited from receiving our products, services, or software under applicable laws.