January 18, 2024
Evolution Global announces the appointment of John Cox as the new Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, bringing over three decades of insurance industry expertise to spearhead innovative strategies in claims management technology.

Evolution Global Appoints John Cox as Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer

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TYLER, TX / EVOLUTION GLOBAL / January 18, 2024 / Evolution Global, the esteemed creator of the FileTrac Claims Management System and the FileTrac Evolve Platform, is excited to announce the appointment of John Cox as its new Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer (CISO). John Cox brings over 30 years of rich experience in the insurance sector, encompassing a diverse range of roles. His expertise spans practical technical field experience, working with insurance carriers, independent adjusting, third party administrators, operations, quality assurance, corporate audit, process improvement, product development, and excess and surplus (E&S) markets. This extensive background equips him with a unique perspective on both internal and external stakeholder needs, making him an invaluable asset to the Evolution Global team.

In his new capacity, John Cox will spearhead Evolution Global's innovation strategy, focusing on enhancing the company's strategic initiatives and fostering new and existing relationships to meet the evolving technological demands of today's market.

John Cox, Chief Innovation Strategy Officer, Evolution Global

"We are thrilled to announce John Cox as our new Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer. John embodies the spirit of excellence in the insurance sector, demonstrating an exceptional ability to blend cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of the needs of industry professionals," said John Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of Evolution Global. "His expertise will be pivotal in driving our mission to revolutionize insurance claim processing, ensuring our solutions are at the forefront of innovation and efficiency."

John Cox's career is marked by significant achievements in people development, mentoring, analytics, and cost efficiencies. His approach aligns perfectly with Evolution Global's commitment to values, ethics, and principles. His success in team and individual career development reflects his belief that a leader's true measure is in contributing to others' growth and aspirations.

When asked about his new role, John Cox stated, "The largest attraction to Evolution Global was their people and their commitment to principles and integrity. I am excited to contribute to an organization that prioritizes human development alongside technological advancement."

Evolution Global is poised to benefit from his experience in leveraging technology for client development, driving analytics for evaluation, and enabling cost efficiency in processes. His vision for the industry and understanding of global trends aligns with Evolution Global's mission to provide innovative solutions that enhance customer service and operational efficiency.

"Evolution Global is the right choice for customers seeking technological advancement in the insurance sector. Our focus on building future-proof solutions and planning for emerging trends positions us to be a valuable partner for our clients," John Cox added.

As Evolution Global continues to grow and evolve, John Cox's leadership and strategic vision will be instrumental in driving the company's success and maintaining its position as a leader in the insurance technology industry.

About Evolution Global

At Evolution Global, we are at the forefront of technological innovation in the insurance industry, offering cutting-edge products like the FileTrac© Claims Management System and the FileTrac Evolve© Platform. Our mission is to revolutionize the insurance landscape by delivering solutions that not only streamline processes, but also significantly enhance customer service and operational efficiency. Our commitment extends beyond mere product offerings; we are dedicated to nurturing and evolving business relationships, ensuring that we not only meet but anticipate and shape the future needs of our clients and stakeholders. With Evolution Global, experience a partnership that evolves with you, driving success in an ever-changing world.

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