Expedite Claim Assignment with Map/Bulk Claim Assignment

Streamline Geographic Management and Optimize Workload Distribution

A Valuable Tool for Efficient Claim Assignment

Map/Bulk Claim Assignment Feature

Map/Bulk Claim Assignment is a feature designed to simplify and expedite the process of assigning claims, especially in scenarios where numerous claims need to be allocated efficiently. This functionality empowers claims professionals with powerful mapping technology, enabling them to visualize and identify losses and incidents across the United States or other relevant regions.

Visualize Claims Geographically

Enhanced Geographic Assessment

By presenting claim locations on a map, this feature makes it easier to assess the distribution of claims and their proximity to available adjusters, supervisors, or teams. This visual representation allows claim managers to make informed decisions and optimize the workload distribution effectively.

Features for enhanced productivity

Assign Multiple Claims in a Few Clicks

This multifaceted approach not only ensures quality assurance, but also promotes transparency in your claims handling workflows. Routine and straightforward claims can be automatically assigned to adjusters, while complex or high-value claims may require manual assignment to managers or supervisors with specialized knowledge.

Efficient Resource Allocation

With FileTrac Evolve's Job Assignment Feature, you gain control and flexibility in managing job assignments, streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and maintaining the quality of claim processing.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Map/Bulk Claim Assignment in FileTrac Evolve is your key to expediting claim assignment, optimizing workload distribution, and enhancing the efficiency of your claims department. Simplify your geographic management and ensure timely resolution for improved customer satisfaction.

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