Seamless Management for Lloyd's-related Tasks

Empower your operations with extensive capabilities designed specifically for insurance entities in the Lloyd's market or those collaborating with Third-Party Administrators (TPAs).

Streamlined Process & Time Efficiency

Lloyd's Bordereaux Reporting

Simplify the submission of detailed data and financial information, tailored to meet the demands of the Lloyd's market. Save valuable time with tools designed to handle complex reporting requirements effortlessly.

Strategic Decision Making & Data Driven Insights

MI (Market Intelligence) Reporting

Utilize market intelligence to inform your strategies and stay ahead of the curve. Generate vital reports to assess market trends, risks, and performance.

Comprehensive Data Extraction & Risk Management

Loss Runs Reporting

Access extensive loss history and claims data for thorough risk analysis and precise underwriting. Utilize detailed reports to make informed decisions and manage risks effectively.

Financial Tracking & Monetary Oversight

Claim Financial Management

Manage all financial aspects of claims, from reserves to payments and settlements. Ensure meticulous monitoring of financial transactions and claim settlements within the Lloyd's market.

Why Choose Lloyd's TPA Functionality?

Leverage the power of specialized features to navigate the complexities of Lloyd's operations seamlessly.

FileTrac Evolve automatically assigns routine claims based on predefined criteria, saving time and reducing errors.
Maintain compliance and uphold the highest standards of operational integrity.
Concentrate on delivering exceptional services to clients while we handle the intricacies of Lloyd's operations.

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